TV Club: Everything starts to crumble on a wedding episode of You’re The Worst

Sometimes it only takes a single thing to illustrate the deep-seated instability lingering in your life that you’ve otherwise ignored. Maybe it’s jokey banter taken too far. Maybe it’s a professional break at the unintentional expense of a loved one. Maybe it’s things unsaid coming back to bite you in the ass. Maybe it’s another person’s happiness that reminds you of the uncertainly in your own life. We like to think life can’t be that convenient or that obvious, but think back at how many times you pushed aside a serious issue because it was too difficult to confront only for it to rear its ugly head at the worst possible moment. Sometimes life is that convenient. Sometimes life is that obvious.

This has been an interesting season of You’re The Worst insofar as it’s taken a cold, hard look at …

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