TV Club: Everything looks like the end on Halt and Catch Fire

(No rational person reads a review before watching the episode and then complains about it, but here’s your one spoiler warning for “You Are Not Safe.”)

“You Are Not Safe” isn’t the end of Halt And Catch Fire, but it certainly could be. Not just because of what Ryan does tonight, although the voiceover of his suicide note at the end of the episode sure sounds like a eulogy for the series.

The montage there is of shattered, disillusioned people. Joe, walking the shore where we first saw him surfing confidently, is wrapped up in heavy clothes (even though someone’s surfing contentedly) and contemplating what he’s done, and what he does now. Bos and the coders—dealing with the double blow of Ryan’s death and the crushing failure of the IPO they thought was going to make them rich—sit silently around the Mutiny office …

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