TV Club: Everything is not Zen for Ravi on iZombie

This was not a good week for our friend Ravi Chakrabarti. He might be both anecdotally and canonically The Best, but Ravi’s flaws were on full display as he continues to reel from the revelation that Peyton and Blaine slept together.

Even writing out the reason that Ravi is so out of sorts is tough to take, because although it is realistic that he would be so upset by the one-two punch of learning this fact and then having to sit by while Blaine saved Peyton’s life, him actually being this visibly upset about what Peyton chooses to do with her own body and life is incredibly cringe inducing. But it’s the juxtaposition of knowing Ravi is mentally spiraling over something that’s none of his business, while still somehow sympathizing with him because we know he’s a good person who’s just put himself in …

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