TV Club: Everything is awesome when Comedy Bang! Bang! goes Psycho

The cast and crew of Comedy Bang! Bang! go a little mad (we all go a little mad sometimes) creating “Tegan And Sara Wear Leather Jackets And Skinny Jeans,” and I love it to death. From performances and direction (by frequent Comedy Bang! Bang! director Stoney Sharp) to graphics, music, props, and lighting, everything works together to make this Hitchcockian pastiche rich and strange, starting with the glorious title sequence.

It looks like Scott Aukerman’s gone a little mad himself—maybe just from boredom, since he’s immobilized with his leg in a cast. When crew members chip in to buy him a pair of binoculars to pass the time, he becomes obsessed with the new intern, Raymond (Michael “Mookie” Blaiklock). Admittedly, Raymond is kind of awful, with his unconscious sneer and his hunched posture and his condescending advice and the way his shoes squeak on the studio floor …

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