TV Club: Everyone’s trying on F Is For Family and everything burns down anyway

For the second out of five episodes, Bill Murphy sees things he can’t unsee. Only this time, he hears things that are even worse (if, indeed, anything could be worse for a little kid than a long, lingering shot of his father’s sagging, thrusting scrotum as his parents are having sex). Like his glimpse of the disgusting future manhood seems to hold for him in the spectacle of a football stadium bathroom, Bill once again is treated to a vision of adulthood that is—even to the extent that he can understand it—horribly scarring.

Bill Burr has talked about how F Is For Family is inspired by his family, his childhood. And while the series is primarily centered on embattled, embittered patriarch Frank Murphy (who’s voiced by Burr), the show has focused increasingly on how young Bill (presumably a stand-in for Burr) is being shaped by …

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