TV Club: Everyone played their part to perfection on a satisfying WWE TLC

It’s only been two weeks since Survivor Series, a lumbering monster of a show that was defined by its dedication to big moments and brand warfare rather than the characters bringing them to life. And with that meaningless crossover event behind us and the venerable SmackDown! crew left to its own devices, the blue brand delivered a solid follow-up that stands in stark contrast to its bombastic predecessor. Even with its spectacle-minded conceit where nearly every match is based around some devastating weapon-based ruleset, TLC: Table, Ladders, And Chairs gave these performers the room to work and do what their characters do best. Unsurprisingly, the show was that much better for it.

That trend started as early as the Tag Team Championship match, which saw Bray Wyatt and his latest follower, Randy Orton, taking on the champs, Heath Slater and Rhyno. Aside from some early hoss-on-hoss action between Bray …

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