TV Club: Everybody’s fighting for the wheel as Better Call Saul barrels toward its finale

Comedy psychiatrists get a lot of laughs by constantly distancing themselves from their own relationships through psychiatric jargon. Just think of Frasier Crane, gripped by frustration or anger, suddenly perking up when he is able to attach a clinical label to his own dysfunction. Nothing makes him happier than mastering unruly emotion—or appearing to—via self-diagnosis. The joke is that a DSM category doesn’t actually confer control, just the illusion of it. Nevertheless, it’s the tool that gives him the most satisfaction, because it allows him to maintain an elite status, even over his own flaws and missteps.

In this gripping, ominous hour leading up to the season finale, we see lawyers doing the same thing. To the intricacies of human relationships, to rifts with colleagues and friends, even to the internal conflicts that stem from wounded pride and perceived betrayal, these lawyers apply the remedy they …

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