TV Club: Every time New Girl closes a door, it drunkenly opens a window

A gift of fine wine from Jess’ former principal opens a whole can of worms, and “Socalyacon VI” gets just as jam-packed as the Southern California Young-Adult Convention. Schmidt and Cece are finally in their new home (and christening every closet in the joint). Winston and Aly fill the loft with loot from her secret history as a Japanese game-show champion, and Winston decides to reveal his own (not at all secret) secrets in turn. Nick and Reagan head to Palm Springs for Socalyacon VI, where Nick has a chance to introduce The Pepperwood Chronicles to a generation of young-adult readers. Most dramatically, Jess is pushed to the crisis point by a revelation of the role she’s played in Nick and Reagan’s romance.

(Nasim Pedrad, Lamorne Morris) (Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

With so much going on, so many settings, and all the giddy commotion of the toys and the …

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