TV Club: Even when Agent Carter is cartoonish and clichéd, it’s still loads of fun

Agent Carter isn’t the most original show on television, but by golly is it fun.

A prime example: “The Atomic Job” features one of those stereotypical slow-motion shots of a team walking toward the camera in a horizontal line, but it’s set to “Pistol Packin’ Mama” by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters, giving the sequence a bright, breezy tone that usually isn’t paired with these kinds of narratives. The scene continues to undercut the badassery by having Dr. Samberly (Matt Braunger), the team’s bumbling scientist, trip in slow motion, and when the group arrives at its destination a few feet in front of it, their ride isn’t there. That’s when the slow motion breaks and Jarvis exclaims that he parked the car around the corner because of street cleaning, cutting through the bravado with humor. It’s a delightful way to send these …

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