TV Club: Even the end of the galaxy fails to destroy the importance of hope on Wander Over Yonder

The series finale of Person of Interest was fantastic. The show overall dealt with many prescient issues: the role of technology in our lives, the dangers of the surveillance state, the delicate balance between privacy rights and security, but the finale focused on the contentious relationship between man and machine. Competing artificial intelligences battle for the soul and free will of the global populace, and the winner, simply called The Machine, gains its victory by its thorough, complex, and unique comprehension of humanity at its rawest and purest. The Machine sought to understand mankind, even through its wars, its pain, its suffering, and its fear–and understood why it needed saving, why it needed hope. We are flawed, broken, and weak, but that is exactly why we should constantly strive to find the best in all of us. If there’s any single message to take from “The End of …

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