TV Club: Even a disappointing Casual is still pretty darn good

It’s the time of year when TV shows all seem to bust out their holiday episodes, and it seems that even Casual isn’t immune. That’s not necessarily a bad thing—such occasions often draw families together, for better or worse, and the pressure surrounding the—but in a show that’s succeed in being so utterly itself throughout its first season, the familiarity of the setting doesn’t quite jive. Still, a lukewarm hour of Casual is still an hour of Casual, and any time spent with one of the season’s most pleasant (sad, funny, and often uncomfortable) surprises is time well-spent.

So, it’s time for Thanksgiving with Valerie, Alex, and Laura. What could possibly go wrong?

First, the good. Both the writing (Harris Danow and Zander Lehmann) and direction (Tricia Brock, who also directed “Home”) succeed in doing something that only last week’s …

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