TV Club: Empire: “Unto The Breach”

“Unto The Breach” demonstrates how Empire‘s furious, relentless pace is its biggest strength and its greatest weakness. The show can be so maddening at times because it feels like a rollercoaster, but one with all drop and very little climb, and the ascent is as important as the descent.

The pacing issues also mean that plot elements usually seem to turn up a bit too early, or a bit too late. After Anika caught Lucious and Cookie in the act, for example, within minutes into the following episode, she had revealed to Lucious that she knew about the affair and they were having it out. “Unto The Breach” continues Empire‘s tendency to rush through story beats that should feel more significant. Following her decision to defect to Creedmoor, Anika is playing it cool, planning some hilariously grand wedding with Lucious. Cookie storms in with Porsha, revealing to Lucious …

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