TV Club: Empire: “The Devil Quotes Scripture”

Fox has officially renewed Empire for a second season, which is exciting news even though it seemed a foregone conclusion after “The Outspoken King” managed to add more viewers to the already impressive number that tuned into the pilot. The second-week ratings bounce was framed in the press as a surprising development, but it shouldn’t have been. With a premise as potentially deadly as “the hip hop Dynasty,” there are bound to be early adopters and stragglers, so it’s no shock that the healthy buzz following the pilot drew more curious viewers.

I’ll be curious to see what the numbers are for “The Devil Quotes Scripture,” an episode that represents what I imagined as the best-case scenario for Empire. It’s joyful trash. It’s just a shame so many of the episode’s plot points relied on information relayed in “The Outspoken King,” which, with the …

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