TV Club: Empire: “Sins Of The Father”

What is this Empire, where did it come from, and where has it been hiding for all these weeks? The Empire of “Sins Of The Father” bears a resemblance to the show’s past six episodes, but it’s a fundamentally different show. “Sins” is focused, well-paced, and suspenseful. It’s intricate and deliberate instead of being dense and harried. Many of its scenes rank among the show’s best this season. It has a long memory. It displays a level of discipline and patience uncharacteristic of the bulk of season one’s episodes, but still finds time to pack in a good amount of new music. If this Empire is here to stay, season two could be the stuff of legend.

The biggest variable here is the episode’s tone, which is dramatically different than the rest of the season’s wildly fluctuating middle portion. “Sins,” written by first-timers …

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