TV Club: Empire fritters away the last of its good will with an awful fall finale

Let’s have a conversation about Camilla. Remember Camilla? She’s a character on Empire played by Naomi Campbell who made recurring appearances in season one. She’s a cougar who was having a torrid affair with Hakeem Lyon, who called him Mommy because his Oedipal issues ran deep due to Cookie’s lengthy incarceration. Hakeem and Camilla took lots of bubble baths together, and because Hakeem is rich, most people probably assume they drew the bath using all manner of pricy, exotic bubble baths and scented oils, but I suspect it’s just the variety of Dawn Ultra that smells like orange zest. Both Cookie and Lucious, who aren’t generally prone to agreement, concurred that Camilla was a corrupting influence on Hakeem, so Cookie shaded her, while Lucious paid her to leave town and never contact Hakeem again. Camilla refused the money, but Lucious sent her away all …

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