TV Club: Empire fizzles again with an episode that manages to be campy and boring

“Sinned Against” continues the stunt-casting trend that has become such a distraction in Empire‘s second season, but one of the episode’s guest stars comes across more like synergy than a stunt. Alicia Keys joins the cast in the role of Skye Summers, a character formed in the singer’s own image, with the same penchant for playing piano while screaming like she burned her neck with a hot comb and stepped barefoot on a Lego at the exact same moment. By the second performance of “Powerful,” Skye’s duet with Jamal, the logo had started to peel itself off my television. Not that I can blame it, because if Keys was that ear-splitting from the couch, it must have been like a My Bloody Valentine show that close to the screen. But in a way, Keys and her jet-engine belting work because Empire is essentially Alicia Keys as …

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