TV Club: Empire: “False Imposition”

“False Imposition” is scatterbrained and suffers from a lack of structure, but many of its individual pieces are intriguing. That makes it superior to “The Outspoken King,” but Empire still has some of the same issues with the granular details, and while those issues are becoming easier to swallow, it would be preferable if they didn’t exist. It all comes down to the authenticity.

Lucious Lyon is acutely aware, as is everyone else in Empire Records, of how important authenticity is to hip hop. Of course, it doesn’t have to be actual authenticity, which is why Rick Ross still has a career despite the revelation of his past as a Florida correctional officer. But there’s constant image control, not as means of purifying the art form, but in the interest of protecting the product. Empire goes wrong when it conflates the business of hip hop with the …

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