TV Club: Empire: “Die But Once”/“Who I Am”

This insane commercial is shrill, awful, and an affront to basic decency, but it couldn’t stop thinking about it. It popped into my head as I watched “Die But Once” and “Who I Am” due to how frequently I was typing the phrase “so much stuff” in my notes. One would need an ample army of Stuffies in which to stuff all the stuff that happened in the two-hour Empire finale. So much stuff happens between the two episodes, it’s difficult to parse it all. It’s like nine episodes of Behind The Music compressed into two hours. There’s so much stuff that I’d imagine the two-hour event was a bit of an endurance test even for Empire‘s most passionate fans. But some elements from both episodes worked so well, it made the elements that didn’t work that much more irritating. It’s the …

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