TV Club: Emmit tries to come clean on a focused Fargo

“Aporia” opens with a blackly comic murder (Meemo, killing another Stussy to muddy the water), but quickly follows up on last week’s cliffhanger ending, with Gloria and Emmit sitting down in an interrogation room, and the surviving Stussy brother more or less spilling his guts. It’s a good, hell, great scene, and it offers the sort of emotional payoff I’ve been waiting for, clarifying the context of the brothers’ argument in a way that makes everything that much more tragic. The episode has a few scenes like this, of characters either breaking down or facing an unexpected reckoning, and while that’s not hugely surprising in the penultimate episode of the season, that doesn’t make them any less satisfying to watch.

I said last week that it was possible that the final two episodes of the season might tie things together, although I didn’t think …

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