TV Club: Emma Stone shines on a solid Saturday Night Live

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie] star!”

Emma Stone returned as a sneaky three-time host. Because of the whole “Five Timers Club” concept, each hosting gig closer to that magic number takes on additional weight, and it’s easy to overlook someone until he or she is knocking on the door. Stone’s a funny, bright comic performer and the fact that she last hosted five years ago can make you forget just how well she fits in on the show. Tonight, Stone carried more than the usual number of sketches with aplomb, shifting gears to play herself, a theater kid, a country singer, a singing cleaning lady of indeterminate national origin, a mom, herself again, the ditziest of blonde pinup ladies, and Mary, mother of God, and she shone in all of them. Stone just feels right among the cast, a mysterious talent that eludes some …

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