TV Club: Elementary wonders if you’d like to play a game

Sometimes, when it’s cold and you’re hungry, all you want is a cup of tea and some buttered toast; nothing exciting, but everything made just the way you like. “The Games Underfoot” isn’t a groundbreaking episode of Elementary; it’s just quietly confident, with a touch of cozy mystery in its machinations. It’s the sort of episode a show gets to have when it’s settling into a groove—which makes it as interesting for its potential as for what it is. But what it is: A comfortable episode of a show that’s been around long enough for us to know what that feels like.

The cases in these episodes often provide parallels to the internal state of our protagonists (usually Sherlock). Sometimes they can be…a stretch. This one was nearly charming in its mundanity. It had a slower cadence of police work; following …

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