TV Club: Elementary: “Under My Skin”

One of the weird realities of procedurals is that major life events never feel as major if they’re unrelated to the case-of-the-week.

Sherlock firing Alfredo as his sponsor so that he can be his friend—and be allowed to judge his decisions—is a pretty significant event in the life of an addict, especially one who had no friends when we met him. There was a similar story toward the start of the season, when shirtless mathematician Harlan mistook Sherlock for his friend and put forth an important question about Sherlock’s “irregulars,” and Elementary‘s recurring guest stars: what do these people mean to Sherlock?

Alfredo has always been the most prominent among these recurring figures, primarily because his relationship with Sherlock was not only tied to his utility as an expert in security systems. He is also Sherlock’s sponsor, which the show has occasionally used to …

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