TV Club: Elementary: “The Eternity Injection”

It is standard practice for procedural storylines to connect thematically with ongoing character arcs. Given that so much of a given episode of Elementary is devoted to the procedure of introducing, complicating, and eventually solving a case, the content within that case is often shaped in such a way as to support the character material found within a given season.

However, I would argue that Elementary doesn’t go to this well too often: although the nature of Sherlock’s addiction means that any case involving drugs is inherently personal, and Joan has been personally connected to many cases—including this one—in the past, the show has done fewer “very special episodes” based on its characters’ deepest insecurities than you can imagine them doing. There are inherent existential crises at the core of each of these characters, but the writers have by and large resisted—for example—the on-the-nose …

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