TV Club: Elementary: “The Best Way Out Is Always Through”

In last week’s comments, someone raised an objection to my dismissal of Sherlock and Alfredo’s storyline as the “B-story.” The argument was this: if we consider that our ongoing relationship with the show is based on its characters, isn’t a character-focused B-story really an A-story?

Ultimately, I was using these as technical terms, as opposed to evaluative ones. On Elementary, the A-story revolves around a mystery beginning with or leading to a murder, which functions as the structural core of a given episode. Meanwhile, there is typically a B-story involving one or more of the characters, whether it’s Sherlock assisting Alfredo or, as in “The Best Way Out Is Always Through,” Marcus navigating his relationship with another detective, whom Sherlock knows to be working with Internal Affairs.

It’s a good storyline, both as a showcase for Jon Michael Hill and as a new step in …

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