TV Club: Elementary: ”T-Bone And The Iceman”

I never expected to be noting Manos: The Hands Of Fate as a major procedural reveal in an Elementary recap (or almost any other recap), but the day has come! Rejoice! Watson wrangles justice from the chaos this week by cottoning on to the uncanny resemblance between a described suspect and Torgo. Is Torgo one of the worst possible people to base a suspect’s physical description on if you don’t ever want the guy’s face to be placed? He is. Does this episode care? Not at all.

Not that this episode is without any care—it’s a solid outing, corpsicles and all—just that it comes and goes. The Manos procedural aspect is fun for those who know; the procedural aspect of this episode that turns a desperate cancer patient into a double murderer is perhaps less so. Elementary‘s approach to medically-desperate criminals is varied …

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