TV Club: Elementary: “Seed Money”

When Clay Dubrovensky’s ex-girlfriend comes into the station to be interviewed following his death, she tells Sherlock and Gregson that she had recently reconnected with him: as she puts it, they “fell back into old rhythms.”

Procedurals are built on rhythms. There is the basic rising action of the episodic case, taking us back to the basics of story structure from elementary school mixed with the specific needs of having a new mini-climax for every commercial break to ensure people don’t change the channel. But within that structure there is also the need to create moments of reflection where ongoing characters arcs can be worked into the story, as well as space for secondary storylines that also follow a basic rising action structure, albeit usually at a different pace than the main story.

This is an overly descriptive way to start this review of “Seed Money,” and I …

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