TV Club: Elementary reminds us its partnership has never not been vulnerable

Last week’s 100th episode of Elementary had some of what you’d expect from such a milestone: we saw Sherlock revisiting some of his old cases, reminding us of the journey he and Joan have embarked on over the show’s five seasons, and Gregson’s speech acknowledging the unit doubles as a commemoration of the show’s longevity. As someone who spent three seasons writing about the show here at The A.V. Club, it was nice to see the show able to take a deserved victory lap.

However, it was particularly rewarding to see how interested the show was in exploring the ennui that comes with reaching this particular milestone. For as much as hitting 100 episodes is a marker of a show’s success, it also carries a weight: Sherlock and Joan have been helping the NYPD solve crimes for a long time, and with that …

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