TV Club: Elementary: “One Watson, One Holmes”

There’s a lot to like about the way “One Watson, One Holmes” opens.

No, I don’t mean the first scene, where we find Sherlock training himself to mimic death and answering a knock from a member of Everyone, although that scene was fine as well. No, I am referring to the “Previously On” sequence, designed to help audiences who pay less attention to Elementary than you and I do follow the episode in question.

Typically, these are reserved for episodes that we would identify as tied to ongoing serial storylines—in this episode, for example, Sherlock refers indirectly to major events in Joan’s life, which theoretically could have been included in the “Previously On” to remind viewers that she was nearly murdered by a mob boss, and that her boyfriend died in the process. While there is no reason for this reminder to exist given the episode …

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