TV Club: Elementary knows that for Sherlock, hell is other detectives

“Okay, so, you’ve already made one miscalculation—how is the rest of your math going?”

One of Elementary‘s earliest selling points was that this Sherlock was an antidote to the Smartest Guy In The Room Syndrome that so many Sherlocks carry with them unexamined (and so many other TV know-it-alls have borrowed). That doesn’t mean that Sherlock can’t be brusque or arrogant or selfish; he’s frequently all those things, sometimes simultaneously. It means that Elementary, at its best, forces Sherlock to confront the difference between a knee-jerk reaction and a conscious choice.

In general, the show isn’t currently at its best; the spark and depth of earlier seasons has settled into a comfortable but largely uninspiring routine. Luckily, we still get moments that give us a glimpse of our consulting detectives as people, warts and all. “High Heat” is mostly a filler episode—and …

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