TV Club: Elementary is determined to make Sherlock cry

“I am my mother’s son.”

Sherlock’s life is awash in missing women. Irene; her disappearance left him with a mystery that drove him to distraction, only for her to reemerge as Moriarty, a consummate schemer out to conquer him and make him question his life as a detective. Joan; her kidnapping has been strangely under-addressed, but led to some of Sherlock’s most emotionally intense moments of the second season as he was faced with losing his closest loved one. And his mother May, who until this episode has been mostly notable in her absence—the mother whose disappearance allowed for the filial damage that left the Holmes men differing manifestations of smoldering wreckage.

“Who Is That Masked Man?” begins with a missing woman (of sorts), and personal involvement pops up again and again. Sherlock namechecks his own great love. Sherlock suggests one of the victims called 911 …

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