TV Club: Elementary giveth a heist, and Elementary taketh away

“I explained that I’m neuroatypical, I told him what it’s like to work with me, what I need from him and what he can expect. That way when we meet, it will be easier.”

“I’m sure he appreciated that.”

First things first: I can’t remember the last time I felt so robbed of a TV heist as in “A View With A Room.” The first half of this episode gives an amazing glimpse into what promises to be a fascinating test of Sherlock and Joan’s skills without having to solve a murder in the meantime—and then hands them a murder instead. The Sparkle Poodle Playhouse layout, the absentminded lockpicking, the rooftop test run with its fairy lights: gone, like sands through the hourglass. Ol’ undercover Dunning ruined everything even from beyond the grave.

It’s too bad; it’s been a long time since …

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