TV Club: Elementary finally realizes Sherlock’s a terrible neighbor

In the third act of “A Study In Charlotte,” Ms. Pal stands up and declares that if the company where she’s worked her entire life is involved in murdering Charlotte, she’s going to help burn it to the ground. It’s a moment with some strange resonance for the episode. In general, the Elementary corporate face is white, male, and directly complicit. Pal is none of those, and when the line in the sand gets drawn, she tanks her career to try to offer up any evidence of wrongdoing. The company’s existing wrongdoing, however, never enters into the equation; its expansion into a neighborhood to avoid EPA pollution regulations is treated as a sidelong motive, at best; the corporate equivalent of an ex-boyfriend’s forearm tattoo. Pollution is a thing the entity does; it’s a victimless crime unless a body shows up in a basement.

The …

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