TV Club: Elementary: “A Stitch In Time”

Elementary isn’t a show that always uses a “Previously On” sequence, but we get one here to mark the return of a recurring character: Hannah Gregson is back, and she has a case for Joan.

This becomes the B-story in “A Stitch In Time,” which primarily focuses on the murder of a well-known skeptic who investigated the wrong ghost in the wrong house and got caught up in something much larger than a fake haunting. The Hannah Gregson storyline is ultimately a minor part of the episode, with Joan easily able to split time between the two cases even though Sherlock keeps chiding her for distracting herself with helping a mediocre beat cop. She takes time to meet with Hannah about the robberies in her neighborhood, she pieces the case together and gives Hannah the information to take up the chain, and then she hunts Hannah down when she …

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