TV Club: During a weekend out of town, Younger loses its way

Off-site episodes are almost always an excuse for changing a show’s typical scenery and testing a show’s typical relationship dynamics. Younger has thankfully invested in these diversions throughout the series so far, increasing the types of stories it can tell and developing this world further. Those familiar with this type of format might think that they know where the central romantic story involving Liza and Josh is heading, but the episode defies certain expectations. Liza accompanies Josh to a weekend-long bluegrass festival outside of New York City where he’s performing. At first, this sojourn seems like another way to illustrate the gulf between Liza and Josh. This is an environment for Josh and his hipster peers, which Liza initially embraces but eventually abandons. Again, the show demonstrates that these two people inhabit different worlds. Typically, this would result in conflict but a pattern has actually emerged on …

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