TV Club: Drunk History: “New Orleans”

In its past two episodes, Drunk History hasn’t quite reached the same level of giddy excitement as the season premiere captures, but “New Orleans” still embodies the strange magic of the show, spinning three thematically and tonally disparate stories into equally immersive, drunk worlds. “New Orleans” features another solid panel of narrators, but this week, they’re slightly outshined by their reenactors, who all bring the same level of intense commitment to the slurred script as Maya Rudolph does in “Miami.”

First up, Jason Momoa plays pirate Jean Lafitte, the pirate at the heart of the first retelling, told by a very drunk Allan McLeod (You’re The Worst). But it’s Jack McBrayer who steals the show as Major General Andrew Jackson, adding a very strange physicality to the character and moving his lips in exaggerated ways that make McLeod’s musings much more fun. McLeod has narrated …

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