TV Club: Drunk History: “Miami”

One of the challenges Drunk History faces in the editing process is cutting down a whole lot of sloppy footage into a somewhat coherent and yet still silly bite-sized story. Narrators spend hours telling their respective stories with Waters, and those hours get distilled into a matter of a few minutes. More often than not, the editing is extremely tight, maintaining a beginning, middle, and end for the retelling while also throwing in just enough drunk tangents to give the story a more meandering, drunk feel. Last week’s season three premiere features top-notch narration, with the storytellers getting swept up in the fun of their historical tales without getting too distracted from the major plot points. Each segment feeds on the energy of the last and heightens the excitement. This week’s “Miami” sometimes feels too much like a checklist, with the retellers focusing a little too much on …

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