TV Club: Dreams, duels, and a major death shake-up Supergirl

There’s a clear divide between what works and what doesn’t work on Supergirl: Unquestionably the best thing about the show is Supergirl herself, and not just because of Melissa Benoist’s winning performance. The show presents a pitch-perfect translation of the Supergirl ethos (empathy over brute strength) that works equally well for both comic book purists and newbies looking for an optimistic hero.

What doesn’t work—and perhaps what I’ve been a little too forgiving about in these reviews—is basically everything else. The DEO has yet to develop a personality or purpose after 13 episodes, the show isn’t nailing its comedy as confidently as The Flash, and its various romantic threads are tiresome at best and creepy at worst. Hank Henshaw and Cat Grant are the only two characters who come close to Supergirl’s level and they’re used frustratingly inconsistently (walking back …

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