TV Club: Dreamland finally gives Archer a reinvention that works

In my day job on our Newswire desk, I spend my fair share of time watching aging film and TV franchises try to knock the dust off themselves in a desperate effort to stay vital. Reboots, remakes, resets, reimaginings, re-etcs.: there’s any number of different ways to describe the process, most of them beginning with re-, and ending in disappointment. For four seasons now, Archer has kicked off every new season with a re-something of some kind, from the serialized experimentation of Archer: Vice, to the back-to-basics vibe of Season 6 and the L.A.-based sojourn it took last year. And none of them have worked.

Don’t get me wrong; there are great episodes in those seasons, weird experiments like “Vision Quest” or simple, satisfying character pieces like last year’s “Double Indecency.” The characters still clicked, the plots stayed interesting, and, most importantly, the show was …

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