TV Club: Drag Race’s reunion delivers the exciting drama that season 9 lacked

The reunion episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race should be overflowing with drama, and that’s exactly what we get in tonight’s episode. I was not a fan of the new reunion format when it debuted during last year’s All Stars 2, but it works much better for a fresh group of queens that hasn’t fully adjusted to post-Drag Race fame. These queens are still figuring out how to navigate life after Drag Race, and this episode is a fascinating look at them negotiating their time on the show with their experience afterward. There’s still that awkward hollowness at the start as the queens reunite in a huge theater with no one in the seats, but that quickly dissipates once the contestants start commenting about the biggest moments this season. (My ideal reunion situation would have the queens on the runway with an audience that …

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