TV Club: Downton Abbey: “Season Five, Episode Four”

Called on the carpet by Lord Grantham, Daisy speaks with a candor and passion that seems to surprise even her. She’s sorry her lessons have disrupted the routine downstairs, “but I must say this, my Lord! Miss Bunting has opened my eyes to a world of knowledge I knew nothing of. Maybe I’ll stay a cook all my life, but I have choices now, interests, facts at my fingertips.” Everyone at Downton Abbey could take a lesson from Daisy, who has started looking squarely at the choices ahead and working hard to make the most of them.

Lady Mary’s choices parade before her, as alluring as runway mannequins displaying the new season’s dresses. Of all Downton Abbey‘s residents, Mary has the most choices, the most latitude. When she married Matthew and bore his son, she secured the future of her family and its estate. That …

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