TV Club: Doubt (and something itchier) creeps in on The Americans

It’s the look that Elizabeth gives that gets me. As the camera pulls back through the green stalks, tiny black specks dot her face, and she stares through the cloud of insects in disbelief. Even a hardened warrior like Elizabeth Jennings has to figure that the enemy has their limits. But every successive season of The Americans has redefined that limit. We’re way beyond stealth technology now. Here, in a greenhouse in St. Clair County, Illinois, is proof of something Elizabeth and Philip would not believe at the top of “Pests”: That the United States would sink so low as to tamper with the Soviet food supply.

Even war has its rules. But as the deputy attorney general demonstrates to Stan Beeman tonight, neither combatant in the Cold War believes the other plays by the rules. (Gabriel, in unknowing retort: “They used to have a Lincoln. Now they …

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