TV Club: Documentary Now! is equal parts gloomy and hilarious with “Globesman”

Before making their more popular documentary Grey Gardens, Albert and David Maysles self-funded a direct cinema documentary about door-to-door Bible salesmen sludging their way through American suburbs trying to meet looming sales quotas. They had trouble getting the film off the ground. It was dark and depressing and realistic, not exactly the kind of flashy and thrilling documentary distribution companies might jump at. They ended up self-distributing through their own company, releasing the film in 1969. By taking on Salesman, Documentary Now! sets itself up with a lofty goal. Putting a comedic spin on a documentary that was originally dark and depressing and realistic in its specific and personal depiction of capitalism sounds about as easy as trying to convince someone to buy a globe for $49.95. In another stunning display of this show’s strange genius, “Globesman” is hilarious without losing some of the darkness and themes of …

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