TV Club: Doctor Who uses found footage to scare the sleep out of you

Because Doctor Who constantly renews itself, with a new Doctor or companion coming on board the TARDIS nearly every season, and because the show dates all the way back to 1963, it can be easy to forget the middle ground between those two facts: The new series is now in its ninth season, and any show that has run for that long is going to have to be careful of telling the same old stories, of feeling stale. This season, one of the very few to carry over the same TARDIS team from the year before, has largely avoided that trap. The shift to making two-parters almost exclusively has helped, but it’s how Doctor Who has made the most of the narrative opportunities afforded by that expanded story length that has really impressed. “The Magician’s Apprentice”/“The Witch’s Familiar” wasn’t perfect, but it had tremendous fun …

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