TV Club: Doctor Who trades epic for personal in a poignant finale

This story was never about Gallifrey. As far as the Doctor is concerned, his home planet is somewhere between a distraction and a means to an end. For anyone hoping for big revelations in the wake of Gallifrey’s return, that’s bound to be a bit of a disappointment. After all, this surely must be what the show has been building toward at least since “The Day Of The Doctor,” and arguably from the very moment back in Christopher Eccleston’s year in the TARDIS that we learned the Doctor was the last of the Time Lords. The proper, official return of the Doctor’s people is the culmination of a ten-year story, and it makes sense for audiences to be interested in that, especially when you throw in the season-long arc about the Doctor and the hybrid. But, as the Doctor makes clear in the Cloister, none of …

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