TV Club: Doctor Who takes a jolly detour to superhero goofiness

With a full year having passed between tonight’s special and last year’s “The Husbands Of River Song,” this is the longest audiences have waited for a new Doctor Who episode since the revived series began in 2005. Yet it’s somehow hard to put much pressure on “The Return Of Doctor Mysterio,” as this has got to be the lowest-stakes Christmas special the show has yet done. We’re not catching a TARDIS team in the middle of the run, as did the superlative “A Christmas Carol” and “Last Christmas.” The show isn’t dealing with a regeneration like “The Christmas Invasion,” “The End Of Time,” or “The Time Of The Doctor,” nor is it picking up the pieces after companions’ departures like “The Runaway Bride,” “Voyage Of The Damned,” or “The Snowman,” and you might even throw “The Next Doctor” and “The Doctor, The Widow, And The …

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