TV Club: Doctor Who returns at long last, and it’s got us a brand new companion

It’s been a minute since we last saw Peter Capaldi properly in action as the Doctor. Sure, we got the merry yuletide diversion of “The Return Of Doctor Mysterio” and a guest turn in the first episode of Class (which, hey, check back in an hour for a review of that as well!), but it’s really been 16 months since the Doctor Who machine was fully up and running. Such hiatuses aren’t exactly rare in the show’s history—there was that one time the show was off the air for 16 years—but it means everyone involved needs a moment to get their bearings back. Showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat acknowledges that point by calling tonight “The Pilot,” a cheeky reference to the fact this is a de facto new beginning for the show, as the show adds a new primary companion (sorry, Nardole) for …

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