TV Club: Doctor Who makes multiple Masters and old-school Cybermen more than a nostalgia tour

Like the opening entries of most of new Doctor Who‘s two-parters, “World Enough And Time” has to hold most of the really good stuff in reserve for next week’s episode. We get only the smallest taste of John Simm’s Master out of his preposterous disguise, and precious little sense of his interactions with Michelle Gomez’s Missy. There’s just the one short scene with a Mondasian Cyberman—complete with the cloth face and eerily singsong voice that make their original appearance in 1966’s “The Tenth Planet” so uniquely chilling—and while the fact that said Cyberman is Bill means it packs a wallop, it’s still not much more than a teaser for “The Doctor Falls.” But all that counts as downright extensive compared with the nearly non-existent follow-up to the Doctor’s apparent regeneration in the pre-credits sequence, with only the trailer for next …

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