TV Club: Doctor Who heads to ancient Scotland for a mystical throwback

“The Eaters Of Light” feels like a throwback to a different era of Doctor Who. That isn’t surprising given the episode’s writer is Rona Munro, the first classic series writer to pen an episode for the revival and whose 1989 story “Survival” served as capstone for the show’s original 26-year run. The episode’s retro feel leaves it open to many of the same criticisms of “Empress Of Mars” that were in last week’s review, but Munro has an advantage over Mark Gatiss: Her first encounter with Doctor Who was in one of its most experimental phases. The show made one last doomed bid to stave off the end by hinting at darker depths to Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, by creating a brash, assertive companion in Ace who was consciously more a storytelling focus and (at least theoretically) more reflective of actual young people, constructing multi-story …

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