TV Club: Divorce makes a bad case for marriage counseling

Divorce was going to have to come up with something to switch Frances from the hopeful, clinging-to-marriage person she has been so far in the series, to the wife-bent-on-divorce that the show requires. But after this episode I’m still not sure Robert’s 15-year-old emotional affair qualifies, even if it did only get interrupted by 9/11.

Either way, Frances’ “32 times” revelation apparently equals Robert’s almost-affair, and the situation disintegrates rapidly. Although I’m with Robert on this: Frances still seems like the villain in this situation. But if Robert was so emotionally disengaged, that could help explain why she needed to get affection elsewhere. After a certain age, hopefully people don’t have enemies anymore, and most people are pretty conflict-avoidant. That all changes when you enter into a legal breakup with someone. Frances and Robert quickly slide into enemy territory, and what makes it even …

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