TV Club: Discover the origin of Peggy Carter as Agent Carter delves into the past

Who was Peggy Carter before she met Captain America? How did she become a field agent? These are important questions about Peggy’s past that haven’t been explored before “Smokes And Mirrors,” an episode that contrasts Peggy’s history with that of Agnes Cully, the young genius from Oklahoma that would reinvent herself in Hollywood as Whitney Frost. Both women receive a series of flashbacks detailing their childhoods and early adult years, revealing how these formative experiences impact their present-day actions and providing valuable context that makes them more fully realized characters.

As a young girl, Peggy used to imagine herself as a daring knight, but over time she started to conform to society’s expectations of her as a lady. That conformity is represented by the wedding ring on her finger, which is given extra visual prominence to emphasize its importance in her overall narrative. When the Special …

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